Teaching overview

The first question I ask all prospective students is "what would you like to learn"?  My teaching is taylored to each student — identifying where you would like to go is the first step on your path. With the goal in sight, we work towards short, medium and longterm goals.

Learning any kind of music involves one core feature: learning how to practice. Music engages the full spectrum of human abilities. Practicing well invites us to develop diverse tactics, ranging from critical thinking to deep listening; rote learning to free play. Musical challenges round us out as humans and bring us to the edge of what’s possible.

As a pianist, I emphasize clear thinking and physical awareness. The body generates sound; developing kinesthetically allows us to play with our body. This welcomes us into the present moment, so we benefit from the information our body collects in each moment. Thinking gently and creatively creates effortless originality in our work.

Feeling is the third leg of the stool — to true goal of music is to be music, and move audiences with your expression. While the logical mind has plenty to mind, its good to never be without this!

I teach everything from classical to jazz; songwriting to musical theatre. I’m a big theory nerd, though much of my practice originates in my intuition. Group and Individual classes are both great ways to learn. If you or someone you know would like to try out a lesson, please use the contact tab!

As a fairly unique educator, I welcome students of all ages and ability levels. My diverse skill set has connected me with a diverse group of learners. I've worked with kids with ASD, very young kids (3-5+), adults with learning disabilities, and lots of "recovering classically trained pianists".  No matter what challenges you have faced in your life (including unhelpful teaching), I know that with patience and practice you can enjoy the beauty of your full musical self.


Private Lessons

Whether you're looking to study classical, learn jazz, get the skills to play in a band, or use the instrument to learn how music works, I've got you covered for piano lessons. With classical training and deep experience playing different instruments and styles, I've got the knowledge, patience, and passion to help musicians of all backgrounds their journey.

I also offer inter-instrumental lessons — guitar, voice, drums, bass, trumpet, etc. I’ve got a flair towards understanding composition, improvisation, and having fun making music! I can make music fun and achievable for everyone.


Group Classes

While I most frequently offer 8 week group classes in Free Improvisation ("Exploring Improvisation") I offer some one-offs, group singing lessons, and more. 



Music is a gift. It journeys us into the unquantifiable regions of our experience. Much of my musical education was given to me at a discounted price. In fact, I even received a lot for free.  I offer lessons a place to reflect on the value of music in our lives, and our intersectional identity: could you? I invite you to consider your payment for lessons to be an expression of gratitude, not an obligation.