Thanks for visiting my website! I've put this together to help me connect with folks I already know and folks who would like to know me better.

Music is my career. Iā€™m very fortunate that my childhood curiosities have survived and thrived into adulthood. My days consists of asking pointed questions, relaxing into my body, listening, imagining, contemplating, and exploring relationships. I'm proud to have music directed improvised theatre at ImprovBoston since 2013. 

For each one of us, music holds the power to make the day special. I honor the responsibility of my vocation by inviting "specialness" in all my performances, collaborations, and teaching relationships.  

While I have benefitted from intense training in notated music, all my work is, on some level, improvised. Ideally, each act responds to the lived quality of the moment. Embracing the ephemeral, improvistory nature of life itself encourages us to experience our full creatively, take artistic risks, and deepen our learning. For my students ā€” and me ā€” improvising with ideas (e.g. playing with them) offers us the most succinct pathway towards embodied skills and meaningful understanding.

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