Exploring Improvisation

This class is a journey onto the cutting edge of the present moment. Who are you right now, and what music do you want to play?   

For 8 weeks, groups of 4-15 meet for 2h45m. I lead the class through fun warm ups, and some rigorous yet playful exercises. Every class ends with open ended "free" improvisation. The exercises challenge us to formulate discipline and sculpt our musical voice; playing artfully without rules or guidelines is our ultimate goal. Through experiencing this class, we learn how to comfortably accept any situation and make choices within it. 

Sometimes I clown around, sometimes I'll offer specific musical concepts for you to chew on. I'm always improvising *teaching* the class. Every group is a unique social organism. Every individual has different needs in different moments.There's always a new exercise to invent, or a new way to translate my experiences and advice to you. 

Change is the only constant in life. Because of that, the present moment always presents new, fresh, and exciting possibilities. Improvisation is the distilled core of all art-making. 

This class always attracts a great group of humans, so its sure to reignite your creative spark.

Where: I teach this class out of my studio in Medford, or at the Green Room in Union Sqaure, Somerville. 

Cost: Sliding scale $200-400*
if you are unable to afford this, please don't let it prevent you from taking the class!

Next Round: September 2018 -- (Day & date TBD)

What some folks have said about it:

"I had so much fun in Nate's "Exploring Improvisation" class! His teaching style seamlessly blends the techniques of theatrical improv with musical elements, helping the group perform fun, interesting and emotionally grounded pieces born of the moment. Creating music in this way was quite new and scary to me, but Nate was a superb guide to this new world. He encouraged each member of our ensemble to take risks and explore unfamiliar instruments or musical spaces, all the while creating and sustaining a supportive group environment for all this to take place. I still have so much more to learn, so I would definitely take it again!" Alex L.

'Nate was a wonderful, sensitive, and enthusiastic teacher. He has a real gift for helping people free themselves up as musicians and break through creative blocks.' Jonathan W.

"Nate works hard to create a space for people of a wide range of musical backgrounds and experiences to learn to listen to and support each other during these weekly experimentation sessions, and was always available for questions, concerns, and input about the class and about our experiences in class. The class that I took part in allowed for growth both as individual players and as a group, and it was a blast to learn more about how to push each other to go beyond the bounds of what we knew was possible for ourselves as musicians. As a group, I feel that we learned a great deal about the technique of play, and I'd recommend working with Nate to any musician feeling stiff or stuck in their practice, or in their relationship to their instrument or other musicians." Amanda L