Music is for Everyone.

Your lessons are personalized to fit your needs, goals, tastes and learning style.

Though I teach and perform notated music, my specialty is improvisation. What and how I teach you are improvised — on the spot — to meet you where you are.

Exercises, embodied and intuitive sense of theory and a willingness to experiment. The confidence it takes to take risks, the knowledge to make sense of what you do.

I have bizarrely diverse performance experiences. Singing barbershop to musical theatre, free jazz to Bach, prog metal to new age improvisation.

As a composer, I understand the deep structures of music: sound, story, mathematics. Knowledge of these patterns demystifies what we hear.

Truly learning to play an instrument develops a poetic understanding of music. Deep learning all leads to the same place: a deep appreciation for the music of everyone. Music is for everyone.

I am dedicated to learning & performing the work of some of my favorite classical composers. I perform free improv, jazz, and many other genres on piano [enter: musical improv comedy].  I play with bands, grew up teaching and performing musical theatre…

Practicing with intention is essential to unleashing the music that's already inside you. I'm here to help you sustain your enthusiasm, give you core concepts, and show you how and what to practice. All lessons include some amount of "music theory," the music.  

I can teach you how to play guitar by ear, read tabs, master scale shapes & harmonies.  I'm a self-taught on guitarist & bassist, and have plenty of exercises to help you play with the fluidity, style, and feel you've always wanted to. 

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